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Cologne/Frankfurt, November 29, 2022: The use of photovoltaic electricity for environmentally friendly energy technology is a key element for the success of the electricity transition. Some federal states have already declared a photovoltaic (PV) obligation for renovations at the beginning of 2023, others will gradually comply with this. Almost ten percent of electrical energy currently comes from solar energy, by 2040 it should be around 40 percent. In order to ensure professional implementation of PV technology on Germany’s roofs and to support the PV ramp-up, the Central Association of the German Electrical and Info-Know-How Trade (ZVEH) and the Central Association of the German Roofing Trade (ZVDH) have a decided to cooperate. Sooner or later they will have to work together particularly carefully in the areas of “competence”, “technical competence” and “further training”.

The local weather repairman will need:

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ZVEH basic supervisor Ingolf Jakobi “Already 11 years ago, at the peak of the photovoltaic boom, many electrical trade companies specialized in PV. It is now a question of activating this know-how and inspiring new companies for this progressive market. Through the cooperation with the roofing trade, we are able to simplify processes and make them particularly environmentally friendly, since each trade contributes its strengths and experience,” says ZVEH basic supervisor Ingolf Jakobi: “If we need the change of service, the qualification is a central one Theme. On the other hand, the cross-trade work, which can become immensely important through sector coupling. With a strong partnership, we can achieve a lot.”

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Two strong companions for the electricity transitionThe roofing trade and the electrical trade are climate-relevant key professions. They have the necessary data and sensible expertise to assist clients in their desire for impartial performance. The competencies of the individual trades are to be expanded – also to be prepared for the use of modern equipment. “The exchange of technical guidelines or looking at new technical possibilities in terms of security, performance and processing are elementary. Customers need to know whether in-roof or on-roof techniques have the higher resolution, what modern photovoltaic tiles look like, or they need comprehensive construction management. That’s why we have to promote further training and coaching in companies, for everyone: for company owners, journeymen and also for trainees. We have to ensure that our operations are always state-of-the-art,” explain ZVEH Managing Director Ingolf Jakobi and ZVDH Managing Director Ulrich Marx.

ZVDH basic supervisor Ulrich Marx “Planning and installing a photovoltaic system on roofs and safely connecting it to the grid not only requires specialist training, but also well-founded technical and specialist experience. When it comes to implementing the massive plans of the federal authorities, but also to upcoming needs on the part of the EU, the actors concerned should be ready to act. And that’s only possible if two certified craftsmen work part by part, while maintaining their respective core competencies,” explains ZVDH basic supervisor Ulrich Marx. Securing skilled workers also takes a serious position: the more modern a trade is, the higher the chances of attracting new skilled workers and retaining existing ones: “Coaching in the dual system cannot be replaced if you want to make the local weather change sustainable.” Photovoltaics -Technicians can’t just be certified in a crash course, certainly not for in-roof technology. That’s why it’s important to pool the technical experience from the individual trades,” says Marx.

A coaching course for photovoltaic managers in the roofing trade has already been held: 500 roofing companies have already completed half of the course, and by spring 2023 there should be around 1,000 who have completed the one-week intensive course. Within the electrical trade, almost 50 percent of companies are already active in the “PV” sector. Around a third of these companies often and even always work with roofers when it comes to installing PV technology. The task now might be to unlock the potential of those who shouldn’t care about the new progression market.

In addition to “Technical Movement Information Photovoltaics”, the event of joint additional coaching ideas for roofers and electrical engineers can be considered. The aim is to get every trade fit for the PV ramp-up and to bundle know-how in such a way that customers benefit from it. In addition, a central online platform is to be jointly set up, which can make it easier to find suitable professional societies for the installation of PV technology and thus guarantee well-founded recommendations and high-quality implementation.


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