» President Reinhard Quast re-elected

In addition to Reinhard Quast, Uwe Nostitz (60) from Bautzen, who can become chairman of the committee for social security and collective bargaining, Rüdiger Otto (61) from Leverkusen, who can become chairman of the committee for economics and legislation, and Wolfgang Schubert-Raab (63 ) from Ebensfeld, at the same time chairman of the committee for environment, competence and corporate growth, confirmed their places of work as vice presidents.

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Quast sees 4 main tasks for his coming time: It’s about tips on how to build sooner or later, with which tools and with which applied sciences. “We want framework conditions that further develop the building potential and do not hinder or prevent it. The mega-tasks that pervade our society will not succeed without the contribution of our companies.” Eliminating discrimination in relation to work can be of great importance to Quast. Because: “Why does the person who goes to work always have less of what he has earned? Earnings without work?â€

Peter Aicher, Chairman of the Board of Directors for Timber Construction Germany at the ZDB, Frank Dittmar, President of the Association of Subsidy Companies in Hesse, Karlgünter Eggersmann, President of the Association of Subsidy Companies in Westphalia, Tobias Riffel, Vice-President of the Subsidy Companies in Baden-Württemberg, and Thomas Sander, Chairman of the Association confirmed their areas of activity building construction and stable construction in the ZDB, Christian Staub, President of the Business Association of Lower Saxony Development, and Hans-Georg Stutz, Deputy Chairman of the Road and Civil Engineering Division in the ZDB ZDB.

The 65-year-old entrepreneur from Siegen was elected President of Germany’s largest and oldest construction association for the first time in 2018. Quast defined at the joint meeting: “It is important for us to fight for a great future for our companies, their homeowners, households and workers. In addition to the curiosity of our financial system, we should sooner or later save the mannequins of the owner- and family-run corporations.”

Central Association of the German Promotional Industry

Newly elected to the board were Oliver Heib, Chairman of the Federal Association for Construction and Facades in the ZDB, and Jürgen Kullmann, Chairman of the ZDB Brick Association.


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